John Savage

Oregon PUC Commissioner
State of Oregon

Savage was appointed to the Oregon Public Utility Commission in September, 2003, after serving as Director of the agency’s 70-person regulatory staff.  Before joining the Commission, Savage was Director of the Oregon Department of Energy for eight years under Oregon Governors Roberts and Kitzhaber.  While at the Department of Energy, Savage oversaw the development of Oregon’s energy, oil shortage, and global warming plans; administered programs to save energy and develop renewable resources; regulated the clean-up and transport of radioactive waste; and sited new power plants and other energy facilities. Savage currently chairs the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body, which advises FERC, NERC, and WECC on mandatory reliability standards; the Electricity Committee of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners; the Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation – a joint committee of the Western Interstate Energy Board and the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners; and the State-Provincial Steering Committee, which advises on Western Interconnection transmission planning and operations.  Savage co-chaired the Technical Committee of the Western Renewable Energy Zone project of the Western Governors Association.  Savage serves on the Peak Reliability Member Advisory Committee and the board of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  Savage has an M.S. in natural resource economics.

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