Gregory Delwiche

Deputy Administrator
Bonneville Power Authority
Greg Delwiche was named Deputy Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration in February 2014 but had served as Acting Deputy Administrator since November 2013. In this role, he oversees BPA’s Finance, Strategy, Legal, Public Affairs, Risk Management, Compliance, Governance and Internal Audit functions and serves as the principal policy and strategy advisor to the BPA administrator. Delwiche previously served as BPA’s senior vice president for Power Services since June 2010. In that position, he was responsible for BPA’s power planning and scheduling functions; generation asset management; power contracts and rates; power purchases and acquisitions; and business relationships with BPA’s retail utility customers. He oversaw the successful transition to new long-term power sales contracts under BPA’s Tiered Rates Methodology, as well as the integration of BPA’s energy efficiency functions into the power business.  

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